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Traditional Incense Holder with Inlaid Design 10"


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Useful comment by one user:
As someone who has used all types of incense for years, and tried all types of holders/methods for burning incense, I learned that this style is by far the best choice for stick incense (and it works fine for cones too).

People who buy a lot of stick incense know that the sticks vary a LOT in size/shape; and the sticks often aren't completely straight, either.

The ash usually will fall in the center and, even if the ash doesn't fall precisely into the center of the holder, it's still plenty wide enough to catch all of the ash, and I certainly never had a problem with spilling when moving these holders.

The holders are sturdy, stable, can be placed in a multitude of locations around the home, and stack with each other for storage in practically no space.

If you use incense and haven't gotten any of these yet, you should definitely get a few (probably enough so that you have one for every room in which you burn incense).

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 04 May, 2015.