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Dubai Tower Perfume Oil 12ml by Al Haramain Perfumes


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You buy me diamonds, you buy me pearls. Take me on a cruise around the world. Candle light dinners and tender loving evenings that last a lifetime. You're always by me when I need you. You say I'm worth it, but when you leave me, leave me with Al Haramain Collection, because when I have nothing and when I close my eyes and take in your divine fragrance, the world will be mine.

You can sense that your fragrance is lighting up the world. And it seems the best time to revive forgotten dreams, because you believe that if they have to come true then today is the day. Al Haramain Collection is that kind of a thrilling fragrance that gives you wings to fly!

Al Haramain is one of the leading luxury fragrance houses in the Middle East. They have a progressive nature by preserving the past in modern times, where the importance of appreciating inner beauty should never be overlooked especially in the fast paced and ever changing world we live in today.

Our fragrance was made for the body, not the air.

This genuine World famous Al Haramain Concentrated Perfumes oil is high quality and longer lasting and is free from alcohol; a little of this delightful, high quality, exotic, longer lasting concentrated perfume oil goes a long way, safe to use and surely this perfume is a true delight to wear. Applicator glass rod attached to the cap makes it easy to anoint.

You get the Value for your Money. The perfume is manufactured in United Arab Emirates.

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 10 May, 2015.